IWI(Brin’s BAR)2~ゲストハウス長崎~

Ciao Guys!

We are Guesthouse Nagasaki.

Mmmm…Japanese long holiday,golden week was finished at last.
I’m hungry.I need meats.Give me chocolate.


Great thing happened in Nagaskai city!!!!

My friend from New Zealand,Brin San opened a bar near Shianbashi tram stop.
It’s located in a main street.So that’s easy to find.

・Almost of alcohols are 500 yen.
・women 1 buy 1 free.
・You can learn English from him.He used to teach English before.・Usually from 8 or 9 o’clock opening.
・There’s good music.
・Easy to make friends.

Summary is like this.

Facebook-20150506-083507 IWI

Anyway, GO GO IWI!

Let’s drink all together!

I’m in IWI almost every day.

So let’s meet up too!

See you Ciao!

Guesthouse Nagasaki


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