Kyrgyz’s club~Guesthouse Nagasaki~

Ciao! We are Guesthouse Nagasaki.

This time is about Kyrgyz’s club Black rabbit.

I went there some places a couple of times.

It was good! All I can say is my Japanese weird crazy dance could make their eyes not to take off me..!!!! Huhuuhu… Yeah They must be surprised…huhuhuh…
Next time I will take Zakizama there too!
Zakiyama san! We can be top of there!!! Nyaaaaaa!

Anyway, Please don’t frolic too much…

Especially,DON’T STEP ON WOMEN’S TOES…..!!!!

Something terrible will happen..

And Kyrgyz women are quite strong…

So fearful…

Be carefull…

Anyway Have fun!!! It’s really good actually!!!

See you Ciao!

Guesthouse Nagasaki

Black rabbit

Black rabbit


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